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week 17
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The draft
Drafting is the most important moment that will decide your season. Of course, making great moves during the season will help, but the draft is the deciding factor on how your season will turn out.
The first few pieces of advice seem pretty simple: Don't be late and don't forget altogether!
Expert opinion and your own fantasy philosophy
Probably the biggest piece of real advice though is that you should always come prepared. It will take more than just your every-day knowledge. Ideally you should be able to look at expert or user rankings while the draft is going on or you looked at them thoroughly in advance.
What's even more important than a wide range of expert rankings, is that you have to figure out where you want to go with your team prior to the draft. Are there players you think are undervalued? Those are the ones to go after. You should know which players you want to attack. If you are up and see a player you want, who will likely be picked before you are able to pick again, don't be scared to pick him over someone that is listed higher in an expert ranking. Trust your personal judgement! Also remember that different websites have different rankings. Look at the different expert rankings and average draft positions for players you like to find more undervalued players. Someone may be ranked 30th on but 70th on for example.
You should also be careful about positions. Don't make bad decisions. Consider the depth of a position.
QBs: I know it's tempting to draft your favourite QB early. But especially this year, there is no need to do that. The time to start searching for a QB starts in the 4th or 5th round. It shouldn't start sooner and it should probably start even later than that. There are at least 10 very good choices out there to pick from this year: A. Rodgers, T. Brady, D. Brees, M. Ryan, R. Wilson, M. Mariota, K. Cousins, C. Newton, J. Winston and A. Luck. Even beyond that, there are guys who could easily start for you, like B. Roethlisberger, E. Manning and D. Prescott. Which means, in a standard league with 10 teams, there is no need to rush things.
TEs: A similar situation happens at tight end, where it may seem tempting to go for Gronkowski early, but it is often enough to wait until a later round for a Tight End.
PKs & DEFs: You should spend the 14th and 15th round to pick a PK and a DEF. If you don't want to look for a matchup-based PK or DEF from week to week and you want to be on the safe side, pick the Seahawks and S. Gostkowski, but wait until round 12 at least. It does not make sense to draft a PK or DEF sooner than that. Personally, I always draft them in the last two rounds.
Rd 1, Rd 2 & Rd 3: That means, you should use at least the first 3 rounds to pick WRs and RBs. Ideally you want to spend most rounds on these two positions. Running Backs are especially hard to pick up during the year, so I typically try to focus on them. In the first three rounds I would typically end up with two running backs and one wide-reiceiver. In the end your team should look something like this:
1-2 QBs
5-6 RBs
4-5 WRs
1-2 TEs
1 PK
Another mistake many players seem to make is the mindset to draft the best player available, even if the position is already well covered on their team. You have to be aware of your needs. If you draft an elite QB there is no reason to give up another pick to a quarterback when you could just as well get a contributing RB or WR at that point in the draft. If you have a stud QB you will start him essentially every game of the year, no matter the match-up, and in the bye week you can still do well if you pick up someone from the Waiver Wire.
Team associations
Be careful with team associations. Some people really like to have a QB + RB or QB + WR combination from one team and obviously it helps you score twice. Some people try to actively avoid those situations because in case of a bad game for that team, your entire week can be ruined. Personally, I think it is better to go safe and to pick players from a wide range of teams. You should also definitely avoid to have two wide receivers from the same team... for obvious reasons. With running backs, it is a similar situation. If you pick up two running backs who will both get touches, you will constantly ask yourself which one to start. The only time you should consider picking up two running backs from the same team is if you have an elite RB and you want to have an insurance in case of an injury or suspension.
Later rounds
In later rounds, try going for players with big upside. Of course, having players that will give you decent points each week can be good, but often you will have to sit them because they just aren't a threat to produce a lot of points. Instead, try to find steals and pick people who have the chance to really be a threat.
Auction drafts
In auction formats, you have more time to prepare for the draft. Here it is essential to look at average costs prior to the draft and to figure out a way to get the players you really want. Most players are willing to overpay a little if they really want someone and are then scared away when someone else is betting too. If it's a player you really want though, go for it, even if he costs more than you thought or more than you wanted to spend.
If you are in an auction draft, the ideal approach is to look at the players you want in advance, then look at their average cost and figure out how high you would go if you have to. Have a back-up plan in case you don't get him. This way, you can basically form your team in advance. Don't hold back from using money on top players. A lot of people who do auction drafts end up with a mediocre team and still have money left at the end. You can still get good players late, but make sure you spend your money on the superstars.
Your team
Regardless of the draft type, make sure you have two great running backs. All the other positions are very deep, especially the quarterbacks and wide receivers. Also, look at the receiving yards for running backs. They can really make the difference.
FanBroSteve's focus 2017 |

This year is very different in terms of how I approach my drafts. Most years I felt like were easier to predict, but at the same time it was harder to get the guys you personally loved. This year, I feel like I have a very good shot at having a great team in every draft I do and I have the feeling like I can get exactly the kind of team I want every time.
The first round is a very crucial moment for any draft. There are certain players I would feel very comfortable taking, such as D. Johnson, L. Bell, A. Brown, J. Jones and O. Beckham. I know what I will get with those players. The rest of the first round can often be a question mark, too many players that could face issues this year.
There are a few players in the middle and later rounds I will target in almost every draft since I am convinced they are being undervalued. These include A. Robinson, M. Bryant, F. Gore, M. Ryan, K. Benjamin, T. Coleman, D. Martin, D. Woodhead, T. West, M. Mariota, C. Newton, T. Riddick, J. Matthews, R. Cobb, J. Hill and J. Charles.
The two positions I feel most comfortable this year are QB and TE. I know that in both positions I feel comfortable waiting a long time. Especially at QB, I am extremely happy to wait until a much later round. There are just too many talented QBs out there right now who will put up incredible numbers every week. Even if you get stuck with two QBs outside the top 10, you can easily find amazing talent.
Tight End is another position where I feel comfortable waiting on. I will try to stack up on RBs and WRs early and take QBs and TEs later in the draft. Guys like H. Henry, M. Bennett, C. Brate, C. Fleener, A. Hooper and J. James could be interesting picks.

FanBroMike's focus 2017 |

In my opinion this year is the typical example on how drafts should look like:
I think you should pick a RB or WR at least in the first 3, 4, maybe 5 rounds. There is absolutely no need to pick a QB sooner, given the fact that there are at least 10 great options out there. You could pick one of the better TEs in round 4 or 5, but again, I think there is no need to pick a TE sooner than that. The last two rounds should be reserved for PK and DEF.
Like I said, you should definitely pick a WR or RB in the first few rounds. In the first round you should go after one of the top RBs, in my case preferably D. Johnson or L. Bell. If you have pick 5 or 6 or 7, you could think about picking a WR, like A. Brown or J. Jones. I think Julio is the best and safest pick there.
If you have picked a Rb in the first round, you should go for an elite WR in round 2, unless you can get stud RBs, like J. Ajayi, D. Murray or L. Miller. If you have picked a WR in round 1, definitely go for a RB in round 2.
QBs: Like I said, I think the best approach is to wait. Pick WRs and RBs first, then maybe a TE and then pick 2 QBs. Maybe pick Brees or Mariota and then back them up with Big Ben and Eli. I think if the Steelers offense can stay healthy, B.. Roethlisberger could have a great year. And Eli.. I know he made many mistakes and threw a lot of INTs in the past, but this year he has many, many great weapons.
TEs: Of course there is one guy that sticks out: R. Gronkowski, but.. I don't think it's necessary to waste a 2nd round pick on him. If you can get him in round 3.. you could think about it. The only real choice you have to make is this: go for an elite TE in the 4th or 5th round, like Olsen, Kelce, Reed or Graham, or wait for the 6th, 7th or 8th round to pick a decent TE and back him up with a guy who could break out.. in my case someone like: E. Engram (NYG). Like I said, Eli has a great WR core, which could open up Engram as well.
Some other guys I might keep an eye on: C. McCaffrey (RB, Carolina), B. Marshall (WR, New York Giants), M. Bryant (WR, Pittsburgh).